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Reveal(x) Cloud in 5 Minutes or Less

Watch the video to learn how we leverage AWS traffic mirroring for cloud-native NDR

Traditionally, cloud visibility was limited to two main data sources—logs and endpoints. Both are great at providing visibility into the north-south corridor of cloud traffic, but neither offers insight into the ultimate source of truth: network traffic analysis from network detection and response (NDR) products.

Capturing network traffic in the cloud for monitoring and analysis used to require the deployment of lightweight agents and sensors via RPCAPD, which made it too cumbersome and difficult to scale to be a viable cloud security solution.

When Amazon Web Services introduced Amazon VPC Traffic Mirroring, a virtual tap for network traffic in AWS workloads, cloud-native NDR finally became a reality.

In part 1 of our new video series, see how Reveal(x) Cloud leverages Amazon VPC Traffic Mirroring to provide the only SaaS-based NDR offering for securing AWS workloads.

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