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Feature Short: Cyber Hygiene & Encryption Audit

How Reveal(x) simplifies the process of finding expired certs, weak ciphers, and more

Knowing what level of encryption is in use on your network is a vital part of maintaining good security hygiene and a strong posture. For a proactive SecOps team it is important to have the ability to monitor which cipher suites are in use, when certificates will expire, and which sessions are using weak ciphers or self-signed certificates. Some solutions require a great deal of manual upkeep, but Reveal(x) pulls this information off the wire in real time, and enables analysts to find it in just a few clicks.

In this 3.5 minute video, we'll walk through how to conduct a quick, real-time audit of your encryption situation using ExtraHop Reveal(x). You'll learn:

  • Where to look to find out how many sessions are using weak or deprecated ciphers
  • How to drill down on a device or devices that are communicating using weak encryption
  • How to find out which certificates are expiring soon, or have already expired, and which communications are using self-signed certificates

You can explore this data and more in the live online demo of Reveal(x). Check it out!

ExtraHop Reveal(x) Live Activity Map

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