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Networking in the Cloud: The Same, But Different

ExtraHop on Packet Pushers Tech Bytes

For years, the cloud has carried a certain air of magic—but just because you can't physically reach out and poke a cloud network doesn't mean that network no longer exists. It's just a lot more dynamic and a lot less visible, meaning there's a good deal more room for error and security vulnerabilities. Cool!

That's a lot to cover in 15 minutes, but ExtraHop VP of Cybersecurity Engineering Matt Cauthorn and the Packet Pushers crew give it a go.

Listen to the full Tech Bytes episode for a discussion of:

  • Where cloud networks share quite a bit with traditional networks, and where they're totally different
  • The major gap that's suddenly been addressed by traffic mirroring in AWS and Azure
  • How AWS traffic mirroring enables cloud-native network detection and response with ExtraHop Reveal(x) Cloud

And more!

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