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More Network Data, More Problems

Packet Pushers and ExtraHop on Encrypted Traffic in the TLS 1.3 Era

If you spend your waking hours in the IT world, you are likely drowning in terabytes of information. Nobody wants to burn up precious hours focusing on time-consuming, tedious work. As networks get increasingly bogged down by data and advanced encryption, the more complex line rate deep packet inspection becomes.

In the June 7th episode of Heavy Networking, Mike Ernst, VP of Sales Engineering at ExtraHop agrees to log off Salesforce, shut down Excel, open up Wireshark, and put on his engineering hat.

In this podcast, Mike and the Packet Pushers crew geek out on the importance of wire data for line rate analysis, the benefits of passive decryption to help network teams understand the behavior of traffic encrypted with TLS 1.3-mandated Perfect Forward Secrecy, and more.

Listen to the full episode: "Heavy Networking: Analyzing Encrypted Traffic In The TLS 1.3 Era."

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