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Our Top 3 Security Podcasts of 2019

Get your infosec gameface on with our favorite podcasts

Are you a podcast person? We're podcast people. Who wouldn't want the top minds in our very complicated and technical fields to chat directly to us while we type or commute?

When it comes to cyber security in particular, there's so much noise in the market that it can be a real relief to listen to industry experts and thought leaders in conversation without needing to parse what they say for buzzwords and hype.

With that authenticity in mind, here are our top three favorite security podcasts for you to listen to on your way to the next big security conference (or, you know, wherever you happen to be):

Security Weekly

Security Weekly is, in their own words, "a chance for a bunch of us security nerds to get together and talk shop." If you like your topics diverse and technically deep but your overall vibe conversational, Security Weekly is the podcast for you. They specialize in everything from interviews with security luminaries to hacking news, and no matter where you are in your career they've got a show designed to speak to your particular interests.

We're a tad biased so we especially love their segment Enterprise Security Weekly, which gives the low-down on the state of enterprise security technologies and trends today.

The CyberWire

Want to catch up on the latest security news without any hype or fear-mongering? The CyberWire is an independent source of global news in cyber security, covering technology, threats, trends, education, and more in a concise and accessible manner. They offer all sorts of podcast options with a motto of "more signal, less noise" as well as a series of print briefings in case you like your information written on a screen.

Special shoutout to their show Hacking Humans, which dives into social engineering attacks of all kinds with an emphasis on understanding the art of deception.

CISO/Vendor Relationship Series

The previous two podcasts we listed are quite firmly established in the industry, so now we want to give a nod to an up-and-comer that has proved to be consistently valuable and on-point when it comes to bridging the gap between security vendors and the leaders who need to make incredibly critical decisions about which solution to entrust with the safety of their business.

CISO/Vendor Security Relationship Series is a no-nonsense source of clear information by and for CISOs and other security executives, while its sibling podcast, Defense In Depth, engages with the cyber security industry's most controversial debates.

Happy listening!

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