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The cloud can act as a force multiplier for enterprises, but its speed and scale present challenges for security teams tasked with protecting critical assets and workloads. Too often SecOps is forced to throttle the pace of digital transformation, putting them at odds with developers and line of business.

ExtraHop Reveal(x) Cloud, our SaaS-based network detection and response (NDR) platform for AWS, gives security teams the agile, cloud-native approach to hybrid security they need to end that friction. We're excited to announce that our 1 Gbps version of Reveal(x) Cloud is available on a free trial basis for qualified AWS customers in the United States and Canada.

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Developed in close collaboration with AWS, Reveal(x) Cloud automatically and continuously discovers and classifies cloud assets, giving back control to SecOps teams and accelerating the pace of digital transformation. And by leveraging Amazon VPC Traffic Mirroring, Reveal(x) Cloud provides complete visibility into network traffic, real-time detection of threats and anomalies, augmented investigation workflows, and cloud-native integrations with ticketing and response tools for automated threat response.

Visit the Reveal(x) Cloud product page to learn more about our breakthrough cloud-native security solution for AWS.

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Investigate a live attack in the full product demo of ExtraHop Reveal(x), network detection and response, to see how it accelerates workflows.

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