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Why Trust is a Dirty Word in the World of Cybersecurity

As Seen in Fortune Magazine

In the cybersecurity world, the first cardinal rule is, trust no one.

As featured in the 2019 Fortune 500 issue of Fortune Magazine in an article titled, "The First Rule of Cybersecurity: Trust No One," ExtraHop's own CTO Jesse Rothstein says, "In a world where high-tech attackers can fire 100,000 arrows, and only one needs to land in order to compromise security, it's not a question of if breaches will occur, but when."

The inevitability of security breaches is a scary reality for enterprises scrambling for solutions. "Today's digital infrastructure looks vastly different from the technology organizations employed 10 years ago," says Rothstein, "and the sheer surface area of systems that need protecting has grown exponentially."

The article goes on to explain that organizations that traditionally defend "high-tech backbones, perimeters and endpoints" aren't doing enough to keep their organizations safe, but there is a way for enterprises to deliver a faster and more complete security response.

Learn more in the full Fortune article: read it now.

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