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ExtraHopper Spotlight: The Rock n Roll Airshow

Creating the spectacle of the Flying Tenor

At ExtraHop, we find that prioritizing unusual perspectives and unique interests is a recipe for goodness. Take one of our rockstar Senior Trainers, Lynda Allen.

Not only does Lynda spend her time jetsetting around the world to help our customers get the most out of our industry-leading network detection and response solution, she also dedicates a hefty chunk of her spare time to coordinating the technical and audio aspects of her husband's in-air acrobatic rock concerts. (Yeah, you read that correctly.)

As the "Rock n Roll Airshow Man," Lynda's husband Will flies to a custom-written soundtrack, performing aerial acrobatics in his Pitts Special bi-plane while singing live from the cockpit. We're pretty sure no amount of language can match seeing this in person—which those of you in Seattle can do this weekend at Seafair—so we'll just leave this here:

While Will might be the flash, none of that magic could happen without Lynda on the ground running comms and coordinating his musical cues with a custom wireless system. Between prepping the plane and extending or modifying cues on the fly (sorry) as Will performs live aerial tricks, Lynda is as instrumental to the Rock n Roll Airshow as she is to ExtraHop.

There are, of course, some other benefits to having an in with a flight instructor. Lynda's gotten the chance to fly the bi-plane and perform rolls of her own, and while space inside the Pitts Special is rather limited, who would turn down the opportunity to climb on top of the suitcases and join for a multi-day private flight across the country?

You can learn more about Will's show and future appearances here, and if you're headed to Seafair this weekend, make sure to take pictures and tag @extrahop—we'd love to see them!

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