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Meet Bill Ruckelshaus, CFO

Our newest executive on risk, growth, and fly fishing

We're delighted to introduce a new face on the powerhouse that is the ExtraHop executive team, coming to us with over a decade of experience guiding technology-driven businesses towards strategic, value-oriented success.

Bill Ruckelshaus brings a few key moves to the court, not least being his deep appreciation for college basketball—and his ability to leverage that appreciation into a savvy set of March Madness takeaways for growth companies—but we're particularly pleased to share the reason he sees ExtraHop as an exciting change:

After years honing his skills (and and managing stress) in turnaround roles, Bill looks at ExtraHop and sees an innovative company confronting a high-growth market with a differentiated offering and a track record of disciplined execution.

With work experience that ranges from Booz-Allen & Hamilton, to Pepsico and Expedia, Bill brings a broad perspective and understands the power of smart financial leadership to transform business results. As ExtraHop continues to define the network detection and response (NDR) space in hybrid security, we welcome his acumen and leadership.

In Bill, we also welcome another devotee of our hometown—after his career took him from the east coast to the Bay Area, and then up to our very own Pacific Northwest, Bill agrees that Seattle really is the ideal. Between the stunning surroundings and continued growth in the region, Bill wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

So we can forgive the fact that, when asked about his favorite fly fishing spot, he volunteered the Snake River in Jackson, Wyoming. :-)

This has been a year of growth for ExtraHop, from our recent release of Reveal(x) Cloud (NDR for hybrid cloud security) to our ongoing expansion into new markets and geographies. With Bill on our team, we're confident that the future is brighter than ever.

ExtraHop Reveal(x) Live Activity Map

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