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Don't Lose Visibility in a Murky Riverbed

ExtraHop vs. Riverbed: Now in Infographic Form

NetOps and ITOps face countless challenges created by hybrid environments, SDN, and shadow IT. But they are far from insurmountable. While legacy NPM solutions, such as Riverbed–with its limited L7 visibility, shallow protocol analysis, and lack of machine learning–promise to deliver visibility and insights for the future, ExtraHop is already there.

ExtraHop empowers IT teams to modernize at a massive scale so they can maintain visibility into all transactions on the network and improve IT staff efficiency, MTTR, and overall business productivity.

Check out the infographic below to understand how ExtraHop compares to Riverbed:

ExtraHop vs. Riverbed Infographic
Click to View the Infographic

You can find even more details about how the ExtraHop Performance Platform blows Riverbed out of the water in this Comparison Deep Dive, or by downloading the ExtraHop vs. Riverbed datasheet for easy sharing.

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