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The ExtraHop PM Blog Series Kickoff

Welcome to the why of ExtraHop product design

"You're telling me that I pay you millions of dollars each year, but the only way to find out where I'm exposed is to use a free tool on the Internet!?!"

The bank's CISO said it in a voice louder and more menacing than a snarl, but not quite as booming as full-on yelling. It was an early morning in April of 2014, and I was in Chicago nearly being blown away by both wind and the Heartbleed vulnerability.

By the end of the day—after 3 more in-person beratings, and a handful on the phone—I was sitting in the airport coding a script (Perl FTW!) that would automate using our free web certificate tool to help find the problem, while our signature teams raced to get updates out to our scanners. After nearly a decade in vulnerability management, I found myself wishing I could borrow Barry Allen's super speed to code faster... or to be able to run away from it all.

Nearly five years later I found myself in another situation where I wanted to run at full speed, only this time it was towards joining ExtraHop. I was approached by the founders Jesse and Raja to help with Product Management here, and as I met with the team in the "Hall of Justice" conference room I was amazed by the superpowers I found here.

There were those in the Reveal(x) product—visibility, detections, and investigation at unparalleled scale—but also there were those in the staff: passion, creativity, and dedication. I jumped at the chance to become part of a team of Product Management heroes, hopeful that I could gain some of their powers while sharing my own.

One of the powers I'm most passionate about is open communication, and that's why we're starting this blog series. Our customers see the results of our hard work every day they use our product, and I've already had the privilege of hearing our customers say, "I'm so glad you thought of doing that!" As we get into the discussion, however, I've also frequently run into people asking "What made you think of doing that?"

We're excited to give you insight into the "why" behind some of the things we do, so that you can understand how we think about fighting cybercriminals. Brooke Brisbois, our Senior UX Designer, will kick things off with a discussion of the refresh of the Security Overview page.

I hope you'll enjoy these blogs as much as we enjoy writing them. Please don't hesitate to send a tweet or shoot me a message with any comments... I promise you won't have to yell to be heard.

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