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What's It Like to Work at ExtraHop?

Real impacts on the world, real challenges to solve, real connections that last

Welcome to ExtraHop. We like what we do and the people we do it with.

Cybersecurity is important. Whether it's the personal data of an individual, government IT infrastructure, or an enterprise network at stake, the challenge of protection keeps getting more complex and difficult—or as we like to call it, more interesting. Of course, that challenge isn't something any one person can solve. It calls for smart, creative people coming up with new ideas as fast as the threat landscape can evolve.

As co-founder and CTO Jesse Rothstein put it, "ExtraHop is at that sweet spot where we have enough scale that we can accomplish really interesting things and we're pushing the envelope and using the latest and greatest technologies for every area of our product. Yet we're still at a size where individuals can have very outsized impacts."

Joining ExtraHop means joining a company with a bold vision: help enterprises rise above the noise of alerts, organizational silos, and runaway technology so they can secure and scale their business in the cloud and on the ground. We do that with humor, intelligence, and authenticity.

The word authentic is pretty buzzy right now, but remember when it used to mean something that actually was what it appeared to be? A guy in a newsboy cap who was... actually a newsboy? Or a company that really believes in its core values and puts them into action?

That's ExtraHop. Rise above the noise isn't just a tagline, it's how we operate. Using the word authentic just because it sounds good? That's noise. ExtraHop is an organization that cuts right to the heart of the matter—whether that's finding the origin of an attack chain or deciding what beer to put on tap in our lunchroom. We like to optimize.

We aren't just a leader in cybersecurity, we're a diverse community of smart, funny, and self-aware people. A place where new ideas aren't just allowed but welcomed. Where people remember not to take themselves too seriously because it's in the job description: a sense of humor is required.

Learn more about our culture in this short video:


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