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Have Questions About Network Detection & Response?

Our Beginners' Guide to NDR Has the Answers

Identifying the right cybersecurity products for your needs can be difficult, especially as attack surfaces expand to include on-premises, cloud, and multi-cloud environments.

Today's hybrid security challenges can't be overcome by yesterday's technology, which is why organizations increasingly turn to network detection and response (NDR) products.

If you're not familiar with NDR as an emerging category of security product, we've put together a beginners guide to help get you started.

Loaded with information, the guide will show you how NDR products fill in key threat detection, investigation, and response gaps left by other security technologies. You'll also see why NDR solutions were the missing piece to Gartner's SOC Visibility Triad, plus you'll get 8 crucial questions you need to ask every NDR vendor.

Download your complimentary copy of the Beginners' Guide to NDR today!

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