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SCMedia Webinar: Accelerating Incident Response through Network Traffic Analysis

From asset discovery to packet-level forensics, the network is the best source of truth for IR

In this webcast, Matt Cauthorn demonstrates how network detection and response tools are able to provide a more complete, more real-time view into even the largest, most dynamic enterprise environments, and why that makes NDR the most important tool for the enterprise SOC. Topics include:

  • Why good IR starts with asset discovery and hygiene–you can't protect what you don't know is there.
  • How analytics-first approaches provide faster insight, compared to legacy tools that have to write enormous amounts of data to a disk before providing any analysis.
  • How to dig into transaction records and decrypt packets (even with PFS enabled) to get to the root cause of an incident in just a few clicks using Reveal(x)

To view the webcast, go here.

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