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As seen in Security Boulevard: Real-Time Analytics for PCI Compliance

On June 30th, any business that touches credit card data will face new security requirements that will help eliminate weak cryptographic protocols SSL and early TLS from their networks. These regulations will make credit card information more secure, but will also require updated protocols and could result in fines of up to $100,000 per month for violations. ExtraHop VP of Security Matt Cauthorn shares the details of what companies need to know and what steps they can take to make sure they are in compliance with his recent byline in Security Boulevard. Click on for the full story titled:

Real-Time Analytics for PCI Compliance by Matt Cauthorn

"When the PCI Security Standards Council bans SSL/early TLS in June 2018, you'll need real-time network analytics to maintain compliance. Here's why...."

Read the full story on Security Boulevard.

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