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Reveal(x) Feature Short: Threat Intelligence

Investigating known threats in under 3 minutes

Today let's imagine you've got our network traffic analysis solution deployed in your SOC, and you're feeding Reveal(x) additional threat intelligence using STIX (Structured Threat Information Expression) files. How does Reveal(x) use that information to help add context to threat detections and make your life easier by removing the need for time-consuming manual correlation?

This 3-minute video will demonstrate threat intelligence with Reveal(x).


This workflow and much more is available to explore in greater detail in the interactive online demo, so hop in and try out some threat hunting for yourself!

If you're already a customer and interested in learning how to do more with Reveal(x), take one of our free training courses today!

ExtraHop Reveal(x) Live Activity Map

Stop Breaches 87% Faster

Investigate a live attack in the full product demo of ExtraHop Reveal(x), network detection and response, to see how it accelerates workflows.

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