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Welcoming a New Member of the Family: ExtraHop Reveal(x)

Arif Kareem, CEO, ExtraHop Networks

Arif Kareem, CEO, ExtraHop Networks

Today on its anniversary, ExtraHop celebrates the launch of a new product line built specifically for security analytics, ExtraHop Reveal(x). We want to thank our customers for propelling us into this space, and our co-founders, Raja Mukerji and Jesse Rothstein, for establishing a technology base so perfectly ready to handle the complexity and scale of cybersecurity data.

Wire Data for Complete Visibility

Our strength—our unique advantage—is that ExtraHop captures all the data that is on the wire, in real time, showing a complete transaction including the user, device, and application. Security teams working in complex modern environments defined by logical perimeters need a new source of insight to effectively respond to modern threats.

Machine learning for Anomaly Detection

In 2014 we started investing significantly in data science to see how we could improve analysis of all this rich wire data through machine learning. After years of research and development, we had an anomaly detection engine that really worked—not just in the labs, but in practice. That was the service we launched in April 2017. In no time, we had more than 100 enterprise customers in health care, financial services, and retail using the service.

These two innovations—wire data and advanced anomaly detection—are distinctive DNA in our new ExtraHop Reveal(x) security analytics. While we started with these strengths, we recognized that the security operations and IT operations teams have different workflows, languages, and priorities. So we crafted a product specifically to answer hard questions and materially improve the efficiency of security operations. Respecting the need to help analysts optimize their time, we built a user experience, algorithms, and workflows to focus attention and resources on the most strategic aspect of security—keeping critical assets secure and running smoothly.

It's our special privilege to tackle some of today's least detected and most dangerous aspects of an attack—the navigation, communications, and data theft that happen inside an enterprise network. These are the final stages of an attack, and the good guy's last chance to disrupt a breach. Starting today, ExtraHop Reveal(x) stands ready to expose attacks on critical assets and automate investigations.

This is just the beginning of a compelling new chapter of the ExtraHop story. Enterprise security must evolve to address the demands of modern IT , including cloud, containers, microservices, and IoT. And ExtraHop is uniquely positioned to help. Join the fearless at

ExtraHop Reveal(x) Live Activity Map

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