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Customer Spotlight: Medilink Thwarts Ransomware and Automates Investigation

How ExtraHop empowers proactive cyber security at Medilink

Ransomware attacks against healthcare organizations have ballooned in the past year, with more instances of hospitals and health networks paying five-figure ransoms to recover vital data from hackers.

That's why it's always great to hear from a customer who has used ExtraHop to detect a ransomware attack and cut it off before real damage was done!

Check out this video of Esther Go, President and CEO of Medilink, talking about how she and her team use ExtraHop to detect ransomware and automatically quarantine infected or vulnerable devices on the network.

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One of the most compelling reasons for getting ExtraHop was that it helped us find a ransomware incident during the POC. Through integrating with our firewall, we're able to act first and ask questions later...when we see something anomalous, we shut it down and then we investigate later. I think ExtraHop is the gold standard.

Esther Go, President & CEO, Medilink Network


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