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ExtraHop CTO Jesse Rothstein on theCUBE

Why ExtraHop's cloud security solution is changing the game

As FBI Deputy Assistant Director Christine Halvorsen put it at AWS re:Invent last week, security and IT operations teams are in a data crisis. Every bad thing is a puzzle that must be pieced together before we can take action against it—but all those pieces are jumbled among thousands of alerts and clues and dashboards each showing a different slice of information that may or may not be relevant.

That puzzle gets even more convoluted when you're dealing with an area as opaque yet scalable as the cloud, and that's why we're so excited about the unique security potential of Network Traffic Analysis for AWS and Azure. We're talking holistic and unified insight, better automation, and all-around faster answers for your team.

Watch the 10-minute interview to hear the details straight from ExtraHop CTO and Co-Founder Jesse Rothstein!

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