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Clouded Judgment: Part 1

I do a lot of thinking about the cloud these days, sometimes in front of a camera.

Since moving from heading ExtraHop's Professional Services team to leading our cloud strategy, I've been doing a whole lot more of two things:

  • Fielding questions about cloud: platforms, products, migrations, security, economics.
  • Wearing a suit and talking on camera.

I found myself getting many of the same questions about the cloud from security and IT professionals: What is the cloud? How should I go about migrating? What does moving to a public cloud provider mean for my budget and my company's finances? How secure is the cloud?

Given how often these topics come up, I asked my colleagues to put together a list of questions for me to answer on camera. They pitched, I batted. Here's part one of the results!


We'll be posting a series of four videos over the coming weeks. Be sure to stick around for the not-embarrassing-at-all outtakes at the end of each... Enjoy!

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