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INFOGRAPHIC: Keep Your Application Vendors Honest About Performance

When instrumenting the application isn't an option, what can you do?

When you are responsible the performance of a commercial application, your traditional methods of monitoring performance are limited. Often, you can't install agents or change what's logged, so what can you do when you suspect the application is misbehaving?

You call vendor support, and we know what the runaround is like. What's more frustrating than having to try and prove the application needs to be fixed?

ExtraHop enables you to continuously monitor all application communications so you can keep your application vendors accountable for performance. We've put together an infographic to help explain how it works, and the questions that you are able to definitively answer about commercial application performance.

There are two versions, one for SaaS apps such as Office 365 and one for on-premises apps like SAP. Right-click to save the link or download and share them around!

SaaS Applications

Saas Application Thumbnail
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On-Premise Applications

OnPrem Application Thumbnail
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