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Women In Tech @ ExtraHop: Beth Kester-Warner

Find the job that makes you happy first, and then seek it out within technology. There are no limits within STEM!

ExtraHop is spending this week celebrating International Women's Day (March 8th) by hearing from some of the brilliant, passionate women so integral to this company and the tech industry as a whole. How'd they get into STEM? What advice do they have for other women and girls? Gear up for a whole week of blogs from the women of ExtraHop, from the engineering departments to marketing and everything in between. Happy International Women's Day!

Beth Kester-Warner

Beth Kester-Warner: Senior Technical Recruiter

I was raised by a strong female role model. Being a single mom, she used hard work and intellect to build her career within the telecom industry. Starting as an operator, she fought to be the first female pole climber with her company. This drive gained her recognition and allowed her to build her career within the engineering realm of telecom. Before retiring she helped in planning the infrastructure and implementation of modern day fiber optics. She taught me there are no limits and to fight for what I wanted.

I'm lucky to have grown up in the Seattle area during its evolution into one of the earliest technology hubs of the world. As the industry has grown I've been inspired by the ambition of the community to evaluate and grow diversity within STEM. Being part of establishing the high-tech sector was exciting. We defined the work environment from the culture and benefits to who was needed for true innovation. Diversity has been always a key component.

Today I have 20 years of Technology Recruiting and I love my job! I've had the pleasure to work with such a diverse group of people that no day is the same. My goal's always been to do my part in strengthening diversity within STEM and it's empowering to feel the full support of the technology community behind me.

It's an amazing feeling to know I work with a group of individuals who are confident enough to speak to real diversity issues, allowing for real solutions.

Any job you can think of is available within technology, from the classic Engineering roles to Finance, Human Resources, Sales, Marketing, and beyond.

My advice to all women and girls is to find the job that makes you happy first and then seek it out within technology. There are no limits within STEM and opportunity to grow and change is not only allowed but encouraged. Technology is always growing, and with it so will your career!

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