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ExtraHop on Fox News: Ransomware & AI

Raja Mukerji offers insight on ransomware prevention with IT automation

Ransomware is on everybody's mind this week—and everybody's news outlet.

Fox News reached out to ExtraHop cofounder and Chief Customer Officer Raja Mukerji for insight into how IT automation can play a starring role in stopping attacks like WannaCry. Read the full article here!

Mukerji lays out the basic flaw in modern IT security using airport security as his painfully relatable analogy:

"Today, everyone has to drop their water bottle in a bin. Current computer security systems tend to use the same approach—all traffic is monitored and blocked. Yet, harmful agents still sneak through, as is the case with the WannaCry virus."

What if, instead, we had a system smart enough to identify suspicious behavior and warn us the second it occurs?

Real-time anomaly detection just happens to be the speciality of ExtraHop Addy, our Best of Interop-winning machine learning service for the network. Addy helps users detect and investigate potential ransomware attacks quickly enough to prevent data loss.

Watch a demo of real-time ransomware detection with ExtraHop!

ExtraHop Reveal(x) Live Activity Map

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