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Pushing Packets to New Heights

ExtraHop CTO Jesse Rothstein Joins the Packet Pushers to Talk IT Analytics.

We used to ask: how is my infrastructure performing? Then we began inquiring about the application. But in the digital business era what really matters is: how are users experiencing my service? Technology is having a profound impact on how we empower employees, work with partners, and support our customers. IT is no longer just a support function. It's a differentiator for business and the driver of digital experience.

With so much speed, complexity, and dynamism in modern IT, how do you ensure the performance, availability, and security required to deliver the seamless digital experience your customers demand? The answer: look at the network.

This week, ExtraHop co-founder and CTO Jesse Rothstein joined the team at Packet Pushers on the Weekly Show Podcast to talk about how ExtraHop makes data-driven IT a reality for organizations by tapping the network for real-time visibility into all IT systems and the digital experience they support.

For too long, IT has thought of the network as either the plumbing or the problem. But with IT analytics, the vast amount of data flowing over the network -- including every digital interaction -- transforms into the richest source of accurate and timely insight for IT. While logs and application instrumentation will always have their place, metric data from the network, known as wire data, provides objective, contextual, real-time insight that supports a data-driven IT model.

Check out the full podcast via Packet Pushers!

ExtraHop recently made its debut in the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Network Performance Monitoring & Diagnostics, positioned as a Visionary and furthest to the right for Completeness of Vision of any vendor in the Quadrant. Learn more about how we're transforming the network into a source of accurate, real-time insight for network teams, IT Ops, Security, and the CIO.

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