Do IT Pros Think Machine Learning Is Hope or Hype?

Overwhelmingly, your peers said that machine learning represents a new hope for IT!

Without a doubt, enterprise IT is susceptible to buzzwords. Machine learning is the technology du jour, promising to help IT organizations make sense of a deluge of data. But how much is hope and how much is hype?

The 2017 Machine Learning Survey Report compiles the answers of your peers:

Machine Learning: Hope beats Hype!

ExtraHop commissioned TechValidate to conduct the survey of 113 professionals representing a broad range of IT roles, but focused on IT Managers and IT Directors. The survey also delves into the following questions:

  • How will IT automation affect jobs in the enterprise?
  • Which IT roles will benefit most from machine learning?
  • What are the barriers to greater automation in IT?

Download the full 2017 Machine Learning Survey Report.

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