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A Hidden Gem in the Emerald City

Observations from my first week at ExtraHop.

Bryce Hein

ExtraHop SVP of Marketing Bryce Hein

Seattle is known for producing amazing tech companies, from legends like Microsoft, Amazon, and F5 to data darlings like Tableau and Isilon. Well there's another incredible company quietly disrupting the IT monitoring market and poised to be the next gem from the Emerald City — it's ExtraHop. After finishing my first week on board — which also happened to be the 2017 Sales Kickoff — it's absolutely clear that there is something special going on here at ExtraHop. It's time to let the world know!

Putting Information Back in IT

"So what does ExtraHop do for IT?". At last week's Kickoff, we had the privilege of hearing four of the company's 500+ enterprise customers answer that question. They shared their stories about the ongoing impact we have on their IT organizations, and in turn, their business results. They love our technology because it helps them make data-driven decisions that reduce downtime, improve security, and deliver great customer experiences. They no longer have to speculate about what's happening in their environment. With ExtraHop, they know. We surface real-time insights from the digital transactions happening within their technology stack, resulting in:

  1. Retail companies optimizing online transactions so that users don't experience slowdowns or interruptions.
  2. Financial institutions improving customer experience, including stock-order transactions.
  3. Healthcare providers giving doctors instant, secure access to patient records.
  4. Service providers hitting their SLAs by solving issues faster and minimizing downtime.

Now, how we do this almost as cool as what we do. But that's a story for another blog, so stay tuned.

Technology That Disrupts Status Quo

ExtraHop participates in a fast-growing market broadly referred to as IT analytics. I'll spare you all the acronyms — the list is long and cryptic — but you can think of it as mining data to help IT teams better manage complex environments and ensure better digital experience. Innovators like Splunk, AppDynamics, and ExtraHop are disrupting and transforming the multi-billion dollar market of legacy IT monitoring. Splunk got its start by helping IT organizations make sense of machine data captured in logs. AppDynamics and New Relic focused on optimizing application performance through instrumentation. ExtraHop uses rich wire data to help IT teams understand, in real time, key insights from all the digital communications transacting across the wire. It's a fascinating space that involves data analytics and machine learning. And it's just getting started — every Fortune 1000 or Global 2000 company will need some form of this technology to thrive in the digital world.

ExtraHoppers: Committed to Making A Difference

A Special Team

My other clear take-away from Kickoff is that we have an amazing team of creative, highly intelligent, and driven people that are committed to making a difference. You hear it in the customer testimonials. You feel it at our company-wide happy hours. You see it in the creativity of our demos. You sense it when we challenge each other and when we collaborate to solve problems. It's a shared passion to deliver amazing customer experiences, and it's at the core of the ExtraHop culture. You know it when you see it — and within a week it's clear to me.

The Next Level

So now I have the privilege of working with my 350 fellow ExtraHoppers to make this known to the market. Share our perspective. Spread the news. Create the buzz. ExtraHop is a gem in the city of Seattle, and it's time to let it shine.

Bryce Hein is the SVP of Marketing for ExtraHop, bringing more than two decades of experience in corporate, product, and digital marketing for some of the world's most innovative IT organizations.

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