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ExtraHop and Cerner Join Forces

Partnership to put patient outcomes at the forefront of health IT.

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Healthcare is the perfect storm for IT companies. Between the myriad of complex systems and interdependent applications, budget limitations, and the absolute mission criticality of many healthcare applications, this is an industry that cannot afford lag-time, let alone downtime.

Cerner has been a force in healthcare IT for over 30 years. As one of the leading EHR providers globally, Cerner offers a wide array of health IT solutions - from their core Electronic Medical Record platform, to medical device connectivity, and all manner of infrastructure and services to deliver these functions. Cerner's focus on quality outcomes and improving patient care through technology led them to ExtraHop.

Together, our goal is to enable caregivers to spend less time staring at a screen, and more time interacting with patients. We aim to get as close as possible to 100% system uptime, increasing reliability to make hospitals safer and more efficient. Give healthcare IT more control over their environments, so it can focus on what really matters: deploying technology that improves lives.

Healthcare IT: moving from volume to value

Healthcare has reached a tipping point: organizations are coming to realize the explicit interdependence between IT performance and reliability, and quality patient outcomes. In the past, efforts were (understandably) focused on the clinician-side of things. But system complexity has been exacerbated by governmental regulations and end-user demands, outdated infrastructure and processes, and competition for IT talent. The winners in this landscape will be those who develop a sustainable business model focused on lower costs and better outcomes. Cerner and ExtraHop can help IT health organizations prepare for this shift.

ExtraHop empowers clients to see, in real time, exactly what's occurring across healthcare IT and clinical systems. Cerner brings a deep understanding of workflows and infrastructure to this new paradigm, and, with other key technology vendors, delivers a comprehensive IT solution to meet these challenges. When the best healthcare technology and the best healthcare expertise come together, the patient wins.

Assure the network. Assure the patient.

Cerner's Network Assurance offering—their core network infrastructure assessment and remediation service—is central to this goal. Cerner understands that the network is the cardiovascular system of IT. Without a high-performing network, other systems will struggle. To achieve this, Cerner chose ExtraHop's technology to provide comprehensive, multi-tier, real-time visibility across the entire environment.

Cerner is revolutionizing healthcare technology and paving the way for more intelligent, streamlined care. Coupling Network Assurance with the added layer of monitoring from ExtraHop allows healthcare organizations to rest assured that environments are performing well and security is under control, so they can spend more time on what really matters: taking care of patients.

To learn more about the Cerner Alliance visit our overview page.

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