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Announcing: ExtraHop & Amazon Web Services Bundle

The reality in today's data driven IT landscape is that we all want to know basically everything. All the time. Not only do we want to see it all, we want to see it now.

Whether you're looking to provide a new wiz-bang service to your users, support an existing, critical application, or troubleshoot the issues that seem to always crop up, regardless of our best efforts one thing remains a constant - visibility. You can't fix what you can't see. For that matter, you can't gauge its success or efficacy either. Nor can you give vital information to the business owner, C-level execs, or other interested parties.

The reality in today's data driven IT landscape is that we all want to know basically everything. All the time. Not only do we want to see it all, we want to see it now. Broad, real-time visibility allows businesses to make the most informed, effective decisions possible. This remains true across verticals and industries, disregards operational size and just about all other limiting factors. There are very few universal truths, but 'knowledge is power" ranks right up there among the few I can muster given my current experience.

That being the case, it follows that users clamor for this type of information, which works out nicely since that's just the kind of thing we deliver at ExtraHop. Huzzah! Cue the banners and play the outro music. Problem solved!

Oh, you're still here? Interesting.

What's that? Cloud deployment you say? Hybrid environment? New world order?

Oh, that's right. Things have been changing a bit, haven't they? Rare are the cases where cloud based deployments or hybrid environments aren't at least a part of a business' needs, if not the entirety of them. And while the cloud giants that proffer unto us the wickedly scalable and flexible resources of the cloud provide a wealth of information to go along with their raw power, it isn't always … well … accessible.

I want, no, need to see things. I need to be able to report to my CTO how effective our cloud migration project has been. What our projected costs are going to be based on the trends of resource utilization we're seeing, and perhaps even have a quick way to find root cause if something goes a bit wonky. I also don't have the cycles or staff to spin up a whole new set of tools. So what I really want is a way to layer in critical system and device information from my cloud deployed services in a platform I'm already using. Then not only could I see things in ways I already understand, but I could correlate the new data with my on prem deployments, rationalize hybrid cloud in a single place, and sleep a lot better at night, overall.

Enter ExtraHop, and specifically our new AWS Bundle.

AWS Bundle 1 Click image to zoom

We've been thinking similar things and, since we're excited partners in the AWS world, decided we'd tap into that rich set of information they already provide via their APIs, and see what we could get. What we found was, at the very least, exciting, if not downright stellar.

From network utilization to user access management, specific device metrics such as CPU and disk statistics to visibility into the actual bytes and bits being transferred across the virtual wire, our AWS bundle grabs a huge amount of valuable data from a myriad of AWS sources. We then roll that up into a couple easy to consume, straight forward dashboards to make viewing and understanding this often complex and crafty information easier than it has ever been.

Seriously, I could go on. There is a lot of information here. These screenshots just don't do it justice, either, because most of this information is not just single tier. We correlate things where we can, which is most of the time, to track things by user, device, host, user agent, etc. This information is alive. You can navigate, filter, query. You can use this as an entrance point to a new, powerful workflow with a massive host of data from across your hybrid deployment at your fingertips.

AWS Bundle 1 Click image to zoom

The days of "we can't see that" are rapidly coming to an end, and we're gunning straight for that end-game. The new AWS bundle is a step in that direction and, if you can't already tell, I'm excited about it.

You'll be able to get your hands on it mid December in our bundle gallery, so be sure to check back soon.

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