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Addy Wins Best of Interop 2017!

ExtraHop Addy takes the prize for Best of Interop: Data and Analytics

We're thrilled to announce that ExtraHop Addy, the first machine learning service for the network, has been named Best of Interop for Data and Analytics!

Congratulations, Addy!

Addy takes real-time analytics from the network and applies advanced algorithms, heuristics, and crowd-sourced feedback to build baselines and detect anomalous behavior.

As our users have found over the past week, ransomware like WannaCry is a great example of Addy at work: When ransomware comes calling, Addy detects suspicious activity, alerts your security team, and helps you quarantine infected systems fast enough to stop the attack in its tracks! See this write-up of ExtraHop detecting WannaCry for more details.

You can experience Addy for yourself in our interactive online demo. Go on, get acquainted!

ExtraHop Reveal(x) Live Activity Map

Stop Breaches 87% Faster

Investigate a live attack in the full product demo of ExtraHop Reveal(x), network detection and response, to see how it accelerates workflows.

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