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Addy Wins Best of Show @ Citrix Synergy!

This is the second award this year for our machine learning solution for the network.

ExtraHop is on a winning streak. First, we were thrilled to learn last week that ExtraHop Addy, our machine learning solution for the network, won Best of Interop for Data and Analytics. And now, Addy has been named Best of Show at Citrix Synergy '17, as well as winner in the "Application, Data, and Network Security" category.

For the Best of Synergy awards, a team of editors, IT professionals, independent analysts, and consultants, evaluated exhibiting vendors and products based on innovation, value, performance, reliability, and ease of use. Gabe Knuth, an industry analyst who writes for and one of the Best of Synergy organizers, recently published an article about ExtraHop Addy. In the piece, he writes,

"Once Addy gets the data, it goes to work detecting anomalies automatically, looking for things you may not have thought to look for yourself. By running the detection platform in the cloud, ExtraHop has basically limitless capabilities to do trend analysis across your data. Plus, since the data is a set of behaviors and not actual network traffic, they can also compare your performance information against other customers."

While Addy is relatively new to the world, it has already helped organizations discover key performance and security problems. In addition, ExtraHop's Ransomware Bundle has enabled customers to detect ransomware infections early and quickly remediate them.

Read more about how Addy works and it's capabilities and then check it out in action in the interactive demo.

ExtraHop Reveal(x) Live Activity Map

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