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Today 100 Bundles, Tomorrow the World

The ExtraHop community celebrates our 100th solution bundle!

TL;DR: There are now over 100 ExtraHop solution bundles (custom-built add-on packages that enable certain features and integrations) in our Solution Bundle Gallery!


2017 has been a year of landmarks for ExtraHop, from our groundbreaking machine learning service to the release of the action-packed 7.0 firmware release and its Minority Report-level live activity maps. But as we cross this particular milestone, we may need a minute.

Our tech was built on wire data, yes, but the heart and soul of this company was built on our community. On the passion our customers bring to the table as they keep finding exciting and innovative ways to use the ExtraHop platform—some of which we were already working hard to support (browse ExtraHop-created bundles here), some of which we'd never even thought of.

And now, thanks to the PsExec Detection bundle, we officially have over 100 solutions in our Gallery.

(Quick shout-out—an ExtraHop intern made this bundle, and helping folks spot and track malicious activity is just one way you can get your geek on with us. Check out the careers page if you're ready to create!)

Can we get a champagne clink for 100+ bundles? Or, you know, a beer stein crash? Because the fact is, that number represents something truly special. Not only is it a wealth of knowledge that anyone new to ExtraHop can take advantage of, it's a library of new and interesting solutions current customers can use with nothing but the click of a download button.

Most of all, it demonstrates the dedication our users have to doing better. We'd be a long way from 100 bundles if it weren't for this community, their hard work, and our shared love of doing more with our data. (Sure, some of those bundles are no longer at their peak considering how fast the tech world evolves, but we can all agree it's the thought that counts, right?)

So let's raise a toast to the 100th ExtraHop Solution Bundle, and we'll see you when it's over 9,000!

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