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You Don't Have To Understand Wire Data To Benefit From It

Our whole lives are on someone's network, and in many ways, that benefits us.

Confused about wire data?

When I discuss ExtraHop with friends who don't work in IT, I plummet down the rabbit hole of trying to explain abstract technical concepts to people who hear "machine learning" and think 2001: A Space Odyssey.

I get it. Even in tech spaces, wire data is a term plenty of people don't recognize. We coined it ourselves, and Gartner only recently validated our claim that wire data is the most crucial source for IT monitoring. (Progress!)

You ask, "Well, why bother evangelizing to people who don't work in IT?" After all, data analysts just need to see a dashboard to understand what makes ExtraHop special, and the rest of the world won't ever use it.

Maybe. But I think it's important to keep one fact in mind: it's 2016, and our entire lives are conducted on somebody's network.

Sure, that means hackers can hold my records for ransom… but it also means that doctors can access critical information fast enough to treat me before it's too late.

So, yes. I spend my days writing copy, not code. I'm in IT, but I'm not in IT. And yet, my life could change in a split second based on what the teams around me can or cannot see. IT visibility matters to everyone, whether you work directly with analytics or not.

You don't have to understand how wire data works to understand why we need it, but I also think our platform does a pretty good job of helping people like me muddle through.

Check out the fully working product demo, and let me know if you agree!

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