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Three Reasons to Meet ExtraHop At An Upcoming VMUG

Getting visibility into any cloud, any application, and any device.

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ExtraHop and VMware go together like cats and the internet.

VMware User Groups (VMUGS) are always fantastic events, and we attend as many as we can. One of the main reasons we love these things is that VMware and ExtraHop work so well together. We love meeting people who are doing awesome things in their vCloud environments, or really pushing the capabilities of vRealize Log Insight and vRealize Orchestrator. We also often meet people with a visibility gap or blind spot in their environment that we can help shine a light into.

If you're a VMware user that's seeking greater visibility into your virtualized environment here are three great reasons to stop by and chat with ExtraHop at an upcoming VMUG:

  1. ExtraHop can automatically detect and map all connections and dependencies in your environment, whether physical, virtual, or hybrid. Visit us at a VMUG and we'll show you how it works!
  2. We can show you how to get the visibility you need into micro-segments and applications across nodes, and into VMs across the entire software-defined datacenter.
  3. We've got a great presentation that we often share at VMware events about how to get visibility into Any Cloud, Any Application, and Any Device.

Come see us in the Netherlands

Below are the details for the next VMUG we're attending. If you miss us, be sure to check out our events calendar to see when the next one is, and also peruse our VMware page to learn why ExtraHop & VMware are just better together!

Date: March 17th, 2016.
Venue: 1931 Congrescentrum Brabanthallen, Oude Engelenseweg 1, 5222 AA's Hertogenbosch
Booth number: P3

Presentation Details

Time: 12:15pm on Thursday, March 17th
Presenter: Erik Giesa, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Business Development at ExtraHop.
Title: Bring Visibility to Any Cloud, Any App, & Any Device with ExtraHop
Abstract: In this session, ExtraHop explains how wire-data analytics helps with a number of IT-operations challenges associated to the software-defined datacenter, including:

  • Monitoring the effectiveness of SDN deployments
  • Tracking micro-network segments and preventing sprawl
  • Ensuring application migrations to the cloud deliver promised benefits
  • Pervasive security monitoring and compliance in real-time

Can't make it? Check out this video of Erik Giesa talking through some of the finer points of why ExtraHop & VMware work so well together.


See you there!

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Today's dynamic, virtual, and cloud infrastructures generate vast quantities of data - data that has the potential to provide deep insight into the health and performance of physical and virtual IT environments. Analytics is the key to unlocking the value within that data. Through VMware vRealize Log Insight with ExtraHop, we're able to apply our sophisticated analytics to both machine and wire data, enabling broad insight into the performance, availability, and security of IT applications and infrastructure.

Rob Smoot
Senior Director, Cloud Management Marketing, VMware

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