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A Huge 'Thank You' to Our 2015 Partners of the Year

At ExtraHop, we love to work with Partners who share our vision for smarter IT operations and our relentless dedication to customer success. Today, I want to express sincere gratitude to four ExtraHop Premier Partners who achieved breakthrough results in 2015, and are poised for strong growth in 2016.

These Partners showed outstanding capabilities in helping us do new and remarkable things in IT Operations and Security for our mutual customers. To all those listed above, thank you!

This year, Gartner released a research note affirming that wire data is the future of ITOA. ExtraHop is the global leader in stream analytics with wire data. These four Partners have played an instrumental role in building out this new market category and helping customers succeed as they begin to leverage this new and powerful dataset.

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The ExtraHop stream analytics platform goes far beyond traditional performance management tools, delivering the real-time insight that puts IT teams back in control of even the most critical and demanding of environments. With ExtraHop, teams across the IT organization – from network and applications, to DevOps and cloud, to security – have the visibility they need to fix problems, optimize operations, and align IT priorities and with core business goals. The ExtraHop stream analytics platform is used by some of the world's largest organizations including Lockheed Martin, Morgan Stanley, Sony Network Entertainment, Adobe, Microsoft, and Google.

ExtraHop is proud to be working with over 200 global Partners, including technology resellers, distributors, service providers, and system integrators. To learn more about becoming an ExtraHop Channel Partner, visit our channel homepage.

To experience the power of the ExtraHop platform for yourself, explore the ExtraHop interactive online demo.

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