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Stop IT Shaming

Ever been blamed for a technical difficulty that wasn't your fault? You're not alone.

If there's one inescapable truth in IT, it's that if you do the job long enough you're going to catch blame for something that isn't your fault.

A user experiences a slow login while working remotely. Is it Citrix? Or is it something on their end? An application is bogging down and everyone is blaming the network. Is it that or is it the backup script someone decided to run during business hours?

#StopITShaming at Starbucks

Sound familiar? Are you tired of being blamed?

We're giving IT folks the solutions they need to get beyond the blame game: enterprise-wide, cross-team visibility into network data that can identify root causes and help speed resolution.

But we also wanted to give our IT heroes an opportunity to push back against the blame game, to have a sounding board for their side of the story. A way to truly Stop IT Shaming.

Here's your chance to vent. Tell us about a time you were blamed and it wasn't your fault. We're collecting stories at Citrix Synergy May 24-26 in Las Vegas (Booth 620). We invite all the IT folks in attendance to stop by our booth and do a little group therapy if you will. Share your most ridiculous story. Follow #StopITShaming on Twitter to see what your peers are dealing with, and tweet at @ExtraHop with the hashtag #StopITShaming to share your own story!

Have a laugh and then check out an ExtraHop demo and find out how you can gain control and stop the blame game.

Here's just a couple of the stories we've collected from our customers. Stop by our booth at Citrix Synergy to share your IT Shaming story, and you could be featured here.

#StopITShaming - Default Printer

#StopITShaming - Distant Domain Controller

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