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Group Therapy for IT Shaming at Cisco Live

Stop the vicious cycle with wire data.

Few things get blamed for 'computer troubles' as often as the network does, making it the obvious next step in our #StopITShaming Campaign. If you're not familiar, we kicked off the campaign at Citrix Synergy where we gave Citrix Admins a chance to set the record straight on times they were unfairly blamed for IT outages in a humorous way. Now network admins are getting their chance.

We're taking our group therapy on the road to Cisco Live and we encourage network folks everywhere to unburden themselves. If you'll be at the show, stop by the booth and share your story with us, then learn how ExtraHop can help you go from deflecting blame to empowering your IT Operations with the power of the network!

We will be exhibiting at Cisco Live July 10-14 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Resort in Las Vegas. ExtraHop invites attendees to Booth #1637 to experience first-hand the ability to explore, observe and analyze the data streaming across the network.

For more info, check out our press release or head over to Twitter and use #StopITShaming to share your own story.

Stop IT Shaming Elaine

Stop IT Shaming Isaac

Stop IT Shaming Rachel

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