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Video: ExtraHop Co-Founder Talks iPhone Hacking & IT Visibility at Infosecurity Europe

BrightTalk sought out ExtraHop co-founder Raja Mukerji for an interview at Infosecurity Europe 2016 last week, and they covered a lot of ground. Despite being only a few minutes, the conversation touched on a range of pressing cybersecurity issues affecting everyone from huge companies to individual gadget users, including:

  • Whether the FBI's successful hacking of the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone will affect the future of encryption? (Spoiler alert: it's more of a political issue than a tech issue.)
  • Why the rapid adoption of Internet of Things will create a window of vulnerability for industries that aren't careful with their hardware and platforms.
  • Why visibility and the right architecture and philosophy are more effective at improving your security than any individual tool that you can buy.

Watch the five-minute video and then let us know what you think in the comments.


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The key to securing an environment is understanding it, so that holistic view, and understanding what's in your environment, is absolutely necessary to take control.

Raja Mukerji
President and Co-founder, ExtraHop Networks

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