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VIDEO: Keeping Paychecks On-Time at The Department of Veterans Affairs

Lockheed Martin and their partners provide a ton of IT services for the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, using ExtraHop to monitor their network and application performance. They shared a story with us a few weeks ago that made me proud of ExtraHop's awesome tech and the positive impact it has on people's lives.

Watch this short interview with Eric Sharpsten, CTO of IS&GS at Lockheed's Federal Health organization, to hear how ExtraHop helped government employees get their paychecks on time after weeks of payday slowdowns at Veteran's Affairs.


Read about how another government client uses ExtraHop to keep their electronic health records (EHR) system performing its best, so they can prevent delays in patient care.

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It was the first "paycard Friday" in three weeks that we had a 100% success rate with no calls to the service desk about slowness or latency or downtime.

Eric Sharpsten
CTO, Lockheed Martin Federal Health, IS&GS Unit

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