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Infographic: Seeing Through The IT Vendor Hype Machine

Ever invested in new IT technology only to have it sit on the shelf, unused? Are you still waiting for the systems integrators to clear out? How long have you been waiting on a roadmap for promised features from your vendors?

At some point, we've all purchased a product that came pre-loaded with hype. And when it didn't live up to that hype, we've all felt that pang commonly known as "buyer's remorse." At ExtraHop, one of our guiding principles is to set a new industry standard for radical transparency. In other words, products should live up to their claims.

In that spirit, we put our platform to the test. Here is the true story of three independent lab tests that prove our commitment to selling the truth.

To view the data behind these results, download the full ESG Lab Validation Report

ExtraHop Reveal(x) Live Activity Map

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