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ExtraHopping in AsiaPac

As many countries embrace IT innovation in healthcare, improving patient care should remain the universal goal.

Eric Thomas, ExtraHop's SVP of Solutions Architecture, gave a recent interview for Healthcare Asia Magazine. While the whole thing is worth a read, it's a great opportunity for us to unpack a few critical points about our future in Asia Pacific!

Let's start with a Universal Truth of Healthcare IT:

"If it doesn't work for doctors, it's not going to be utilized in hospitals." Eric Thomas, SVP Solutions Architecture, ExtraHop

In countries where healthcare is a rapidly evolving industry, developers can't lose sight of the fact that tech innovation has to start with the patient. If new IT doesn't make a doctor or nurse's job easier, full stop, it will never succeed. Nor should it.

The major challenge with that goal when it comes to regions like AsiaPac is the sheer diversity of systems. Everything from budget to tool complexity to sophistication of care differs dramatically from country to country, so adaptability and scalability are crucial.

Luckily, whatever systems or tools your environment currently uses (and whatever else you glue on later), the ExtraHop platform can wrangle:

"While [healthcare IT] systems grow organically, we're able to bring them together and monitor and measure them in a unified fashion - all to bring some level of order and control to a landscape that's pretty wild in terms of technology."

ExtraHop won the 2016 HIMSS AsiaPac Innovations Challenge back in August for just this brand of analytical ambition. As HIMSS Asia Pacific Executive Director Simon Lin said, "The solution signals the future of healthcare."

Regardless of where that future takes us, we couldn't agree more. (See you soon, Thailand and Indonesia.) Take a walk through ExtraHop's fully working product demo to see where healthcare IT is going!

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