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ExtraHop Sweeps Up at Citrix Synergy

Ransomware detection has never been easier (or more award-winning)!

Whether you were at Citrix Synergy last week, or just heard the cheering all the way from our Seattle headquarters, you may know that ExtraHop had a particularly good time at the show.

Our wonderful and energetic booth team shared the platform with hundreds of new faces and plumbed the depths of IT woe ("a rat ate the cable!" might take the cake for #stopITshaming)...

But let's jump ahead to the moment of truth: the grand finale!

Not only did ExtraHop Discover with Ransomware Bundle win Best in Application, Data, and Network Security… It won us Citrix Synergy 2016 Best of Show!

Citrix Synergy awards

From here, it might be easiest to just quote the judges directly: "You could literally put the product in, push GO, and get the benefits instantaneously."

That's the kind of immediate gratification I look for in my ransomware detection technology!


Watch ExtraHop SVP of Marketing and Business Development Erik Giesa accept the Citrix Synergy Best of Show award.

Learn more about how the Ransomware Bundle works to detect and mitigate ransomware attacks, and take a look at how one healthcare customer stopped an attack in its tracks!

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