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ExtraHop's Miracle Elixir (It's Good for Your Healthcare!)

Our latest eBook unpacks Healthcare IT's top three pain points and how to solve them.

From Citrix latency to the trouble with tools, we wanted to learn more about the reality Healthcare IT faced going into 2017. What better way to stay on top of developing trends and challenges than to go right to the source—IT professionals themselves?

ExtraHop wrapped up 2016 with a survey designed to shed some light on two simple but powerful questions:

  1. What are the most frustrating challenges in Healthcare IT today?
  2. What stands in the way of fixing those issues?

We unpacked the results into an ebook and paired them with the actions you can take to address each challenge in your own organization.

Healthcare Top Three Pain Points

Along with insight into the current state of Healthcare IT (and suggested fixes straight from your peers), you'll find recommended readings to help you dive deeper into each topic.

Download today and enjoy!

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