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Bundle Up!

Everything you wanted to know about ExtraHop bundles but were afraid to ask.

ExtraHop bundles are a way to take any customized component (like a dashboard) and download it as a JSON file. You can send bundles to your ExtraHop buddies or upload and share your masterpiece with the world through our website.

To find existing bundles that have been uploaded by ExtraHop or ExtraHop users, search our Solution Bundles Gallery. These bundles are ready to be configured with your information, and come with customized alerts, sophisticated triggers, and dashboards that are already tricked out with widgets. The bundles on our website are generally configured to help you monitor certain types of activity, such as VoIP, Active Directory, Real User Monitoring (RUM), and potential ransomware attacks.

Speaking of ransomware, one of our top bundles helps you detect ransomware, a growing threat to data everywhere. We wrote a walkthrough to show you how you can get the Ransomware Bundle from our website and then interpret the pre-configured dashboards to see if you've been attacked.

Also—we'd love to see your bundles and share them with other ExtraHop users! But first, we want to help you remove any sensitive information about your company and help you check that you've included all of the right components. Be sure to take a look at our Bundles Best Practices Guide. There's a checklist at the top and details in sections about each component type that you should review before uploading your bundle.

Happy bundling!

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