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IT Industry Leader Arif Kareem Joins ExtraHop as CEO

Dear Customers, Partners, and Friends in the Industry,

We have some exciting news to share today and would like to preface it with a note of gratitude. Over the past nine years, ExtraHop has expanded from a two-person startup to a global operation with over 500 enterprise customers. We've pioneered the IT Operations Analytics category together, with new success stories every day. Customers are using wire data to stop ransomware in its tracks, migrate mission-critical applications to the public cloud for greater scale and elasticity, and ensure the highest quality patient care. Thank you for blazing this trail with us!

Today, our journey continues with a new leader at the helm. Arif Kareem, former president of Fluke Networks and networking and telecommunications industry veteran, has joined the ExtraHop team as our new CEO. ExtraHop co-founder Jesse Rothstein will step into the role of CTO to focus on product strategy and to run research and development. Co-founder Raja Mukerji will assume the role of Chief Customer Officer (CCO) and will remain head of engineering services.

To all of our loyal customers who share our vision for smarter IT operations and who have played such a pivotal role in our success, thank you. We look forward to sharing the innovation and growth that this next phase of ExtraHop will bring.

Best regards,

Arif Kareem, Jesse Rothstein, and Raja Mukerji

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