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451 Research: ExtraHop Goes with the NetFlow

Lots of platforms do NetFlow. Few get it right. Learn to tell the difference before buying a solution.

451 Report on ExtraHop Netflow Capabilities

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We always appreciate it when industry experts weigh in on our vision here at ExtraHop. Since day one, the goal of our platform has been to provide IT Ops and security teams with broad visibility into all the data flowing through their network. With the release of ExtraHop 6.0, we extended that visibility farther than was previously possible by adding NetFlow support and a powerful packet capture appliance. These updates enable IT teams to streamline the workflow of real-time performance metrics to associated packets in five clicks or less, thereby transforming the network from a means of transport to the richest source of IT and business data.

In a recent study, 451 Research took a look at ExtraHop 6.0 alongside industry competitors and examined the advantages of incorporating NetFlow and packet capture into our already powerful platform. As we've stated elsewhere, we're firm believers in "radical transparency" among IT vendors, so we consider 451's report to be another important asset for any potential buyer considering ExtraHop.

In addition to their always-handy SWOT analysis, 451's report includes a contextual overview of the current market and the advantages ExtraHop has in doing packet capture the right way.

Get the accurate information you need for your buying journey. Get the full report here.

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