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War Room Chronicles: ExtraHop's TME Podcast (For Great Justice!)

War Room ChroniclesA white paper will always be a white paper. It will be long, likely densely packed with (hopefully useful) technical information about a product. It will take time to consume, probably cover a specific set of functionality or a given solution, and that'll be that.

Don't get me wrong, I still dig white papers when it makes sense. I've written a few in my day, after all. I'm also a rather big fan of many other forms of information dissemination. Whether it's forums or wikis or news posts or, obviously, blog posts like this one; I think they all have a purpose and serve a real need. One thing I tend to be passionate about regardless of the form in which I'm communicating to a user community, however, is transparency. Fortunately this is something I know the rest of the TME group believes in as well. This is a big part of the reason that we started producing the War Room Chronicles.

The War Room Chronicles is our TME podcast. We ship one every couple weeks (usually every second Friday, barring major incident), and it is your portal into our world. We get together in the TME War Room, our team's little corner of ExtraHop terra firma, and we … well … we just chat, really. We get to talk about what we're up to, what we're looking forward to in the coming week(s), cool things we've heard/seen/done/tried, major fails we've seen lately, and more. Sometimes there's even beer. (Okay, there's usually beer.) You get to know us a little bit, we get to listen to your feedback (if you comment/post we listen, honest), and hopefully we get to build on this whole transparency thing bit by bit.

What exactly does that mean, you ask? Transparency, as a concept, means that you get real insight, straight from the horse's mouth, as it were. In a group like ours, often speaking or publishing to our tech community, this means a few different things. It means we shoot straight. It means we don't deflect. It means that we do our best to give thorough, solid answers to things where we can. If something rocks, we say it rocks. If there's a bug, we call it a bug, not a "feature." If we dropped the ball somewhere, we'll say so. I'll stop here just short of Kumbaya, but I think you get the picture.

The idea is that we want you to be able to know and trust us as individuals as well as technical resources that you can lean on inside ExtraHop HQ. Curious why something is built a certain way? Want to know how to optimize your trigger? How to get your dashboard to work the way you want? We can very likely help. We'll also be building some pretty cool stuff ourselves along the way.

We're hopeful that the War Room Chronicles will help you both get to know us a little, as well as keep up with the cool hackery we're up to. Some of it may apply directly to projects you're on, which is great. Even if it doesn't it can be pretty interesting to hear what others are doing, and how some of our Top Geeks are brain-bending this wickedly cool tech to do their bidding. So tune in, check it out, and let us know what you'd like to hear about in the next episode.

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