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Don't Fly Blind in the Public Cloud

Don't Fly Blind in the Cloud

Don't fly blind in the public cloud.

Imagine being a pilot in the days before modern navigation. Your visibility depended on the weather, so on a cloudy day, you might find yourself flying blind.

In the DataCentre Solutions article, "Forecast: Cloudy, with growing demand for insight," Erik Giesa, SVP of Marketing & Business Development at ExtraHop, writes about what it's like for an IT department to fly blind due to the most common IT visibility issues that arise in a public cloud environment. They're issues that IT teams typically find extremely challenging to navigate: lack of visibility into cloud-based applications in use, resources consumed, and end-user experience.

For example, consider what was happening at Conga, a Salesforce application partner running in AWS. Before deploying ExtraHop, they were having challenges with troubleshooting issues and with unnecessary expenditures due to autoscaling they didn't actually need. They saw an opportunity for greater visibility using wire data analytics, and deployed ExtraHop to help overcome their cloud visibility challenges. (More on that story here.)

From the DataCentre Solutions article:

"Any cloud-based service, whether it's SaaS or IaaS, enters into Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with its customers specifying things like availability and Quality of Service (QoS). Without the ability to independently monitor the performance and availability of cloud workloads, however, IT is often dependent on the cloud provider itself to tell them whether SLAs commitments are being met."

Read the full article to see three areas where added visibility can improve public cloud deployments, and get a checklist of what to look for in a cloud monitoring solution.

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