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The Results Are In: "State of ITOA" Survey

Have you heard about IT Operations Analytics? It's the idea that IT can combine key sources of data in order to derive new insights for the betterment of IT operations and the business.

For too long, IT has managed operations using disconnected silos of data: log data, SNMP poll data, NetFlow records, packet captures, database profilers, agents that instrument byte-code … the list goes on. The upshot is that each team uses their own monitoring tools to keep tabs of their individual domain, but no one really has a comprehensive view of the entire IT environment.

IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) aims to combine and analyze this data to uncover new relationships and insights. In simple terms, ITOA is Big Data for IT.

State of ITOA Survey Results

We wanted to find out what IT organizations' plans were for IT Operations Analytics. To do this, we partnered with industry-research firm TechValidate to survey IT professionals. We received responses from 88 people from 65 organizations that use the ExtraHop platform, and represent a wide range of business sizes and industries.

The survey results uncovered several interesting things:

  • ITOA is happening! - 65% of respondents are currently combining data sources for ITOA or plan to do so within one year. Frankly, this surprised us. We were excited that so many organizations are taking action to transform their IT operations through data.
  • Machine data + wire data = ♥ - 54% of respondents are currently integrating wire data and machine data in some manner. Organizations that understand the value of mining their machine data usually also understand the value of doing the same for their wire data. And why not combine these two valuable sources?
  • Security will be big - 67% of respondents said that ITOA would be important for IT security. What was interesting here was that respondents who were currently combining data sources saw broader applicability for ITOA. This implies that organizations that are actually engaging with ITOA are seeing value, and anticipate even greater benefits.

There's lots more! Download the State of ITOA Today eBook that we put together to detail the survey results.

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The State of ITOA Today from ExtraHop Networks

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