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Become an ExtraHop Ambassador

Join a select team of network architects & engineers.

Historically, we haven't had a developer relations program dedicated to network architects and engineers. Until now.

Introducing the ExtraHop Ambassador Program

Over the next four months we're recruiting a small team of ExtraHop ambassadors to work with on an ongoing basis. Why would a busy network engineer like yourself be interested in becoming an ExtraHop ambassador?

  • Exposure: Ability to guest blog on ExtraHop's blog once per month.
  • More Exposure!: ExtraHop's social media team will share your relevant blogs, vlogs and updates - even if they aren't about ExtraHop.
  • "Seat at the Table": Quarterly business review meetup with key ExtraHop stakeholders like Colin Walker to discuss the product, get sneak peeks at upcoming features, and more.
  • The First: Be a part of the first ExtraHop Ambassador class. Help us shape the program and know that when the classes of 2016, 2017 and beyond happen, you were one of the first!

What do we expect you to do for us? Ambassadors would be asked to produce three artifacts to promote ExtraHop to their followers.

  • Use the online demo to build a custom dashboard. Ideas include port tracking or Layer 7 monitoring.
  • Take an existing solutions bundle, put your own spin on it and upload to a GitHub repo.
  • Web blog or video blog series detailing the different applications for a platform like ExtraHop.

Additionally, this Fall we'd love for our ambassadors to promote the ExtraHop in 30 webinar to their followers. These webinars are hands-on ways people can learn about what ExtraHop does. It's also wholly interactive, with Colin Walker, Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer, taking questions and responding to attendee questions on the fly.

Beyond getting a peek at some of the great things you can do with ExtraHop, there's another reason the people in your network would care about the ExtraHop in 30 webinar.

Each week, any non-ExtraHop customers that sign up for the ExtraHop in 30 webinar are entered into a virtual raffle for a $100 Amazon gift card.

So...what's the next step?

The next step is pretty simple: If you are a network engineer and you believe you'd be a great ambassador for ExtraHop, then please let us know by filling out this form.

Just so you know: We would never sell your contact information or pass it along to a third party.

Last but not least...

We've partnered with a few fantastic developer communities to help promote this program.

        <img src=""  alt="CBTnuggets"  />
<div class="content">

While the list is long, we'd like to thank CBT Nuggets for leading the way as our premier partner. Make sure to check out their extensive course catalogue on networking by visiting this link to their website.


Are you in?

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