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ITOA Spotlight: Turning IT Into a Profit Center

"What started as a back-end IT tool is helping turn the IT department into a profit center for the company." That's how service-level engineer Todd Williams of MEDHOST describes ExtraHop in a recent SearchNetworking article.

The article emphasizes how advanced IT operations analytics goes beyond providing IT visibility and enables IT teams to focus their efforts on adding valuable insights that businesses can use to optimize operations or sales.

Specifically, the article notes how MEDHOST Direct uses ExtraHop's HL7 module in conjunction with Sumo Logic to optimize hospital operations, such as building models to predict the staffing levels needed to meet demand, optimizing clinical workflows, or tracking the spread of flu from region to region during winter. MEDHOST Direct's hospital customers are also using reports from ExtraHop to qualify for federal grants awarded to facilities that can prove meaningful use of electronic systems.

The article goes on to discuss the value of IT operations analytics (ITOA) for both healthcare and financial services businesses, with heavy emphasis on the wealth of possibilities that open up when you integrate multiple sources of data.

ExtraHop is making a huge effort to build strong technical integrations and make Open ITOA Operations Architecture a reality, so we're happy to see these ideas gaining prominence in the broader sphere of IT operations analytics.

Head over to SearchNetworking to check out the full article: Network analytics 2.0: Say hello to advanced operations analytics by Steve Zurier.

Todd Williams of MEDHOST uses ExtraHop to turn IT into a profit center

Todd Williams of MEDHOST Direct was the focus of a SearchNetworking article on advanced IT operations analytics.

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What started as a back-end IT tool is helping turn the IT department into a profit center for the company.

Todd Williams
Service-level Engineer, MEDHOST Direct

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